Takshashila, three days define and set a benchmark for cultural extravaganza which trails in the sands of time and memory. With dynamic cultural principles, for over two years this fest has been poetically rendering itself into a beautiful sonnet. Technical events which are organised by departments placed with equal importance to all geeks we adore. For the people who groove with a wide sense of euphoria, the non- technical events are carried out together with an emotion of unity by the students of Chennai Institute of Technology.


A metaphorically young institution with a nine year old history, living to its brightest days, we haven't surrendered to the excuse of time. With a glorifying status of standing tall among the other colleges, we have flourished over the days. With all this pride, we also have something which makes us look red in a bag of blue - we have made collaborations with various universities and industries worldwide for better enhancement in industrial and technical sectors of knowledge.